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Government Grant Writing Consultants

13 years experience in writing grant applications for Innovate UK, EIC Accelerator, SBRI, NIHR, H2020, DASA, Ofwat and many other calls.

Introduction to grant strategy, writing, application & submission

Our team of bid writers has extensive experience in various industries, and we offer exceptional bid writing and grant funding support.


Applying for grant funding can be a time-consuming process that can divert your attention from normal business activities. However, our team can help by identifying, preparing, and submitting grant funding applications on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on managing and leading your organization’s growth.

Our approach to grant writing: How we win

1. We evaluate your project concept and assist you in developing your proposal.

To ensure the success of your project, it’s crucial for us to thoroughly comprehend your project, the competition, market potential, and your company’s position in the marketplace. After gaining insight into your unique position, we act as a critical friend to ensure that your proposition is innovative and groundbreaking. We also help you put together the right project team and collaborators to increase your chances of success.

2. Identify the best grants for you

Our team of experts continuously scans the horizon to identify upcoming and recently released grant funding opportunities that are best suited for your innovation to succeed. We take into account calls from larger organizations like Innovate UK, NIHR, and DASA, as well as smaller niche opportunities. Rest assured that we will find the most appropriate grants for you.

3. We prepare 100% of the application in your behalf

We will assist you in preparing and submitting your grant application, providing support throughout the entire process. Our services include grant writing, creating supporting documents, helping you develop a strong project plan, and ensuring your project finances are sound. We can even handle the submission process by navigating the portal and uploading your final proposal on your behalf.


4. We are here to assist you throughout the grant acceptance process, and even beyond.

We understand that the final stage of the journey can be challenging, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Our team offers continuous guidance and assistance during the grant acceptance and financial due diligence process.

Things to consider before deciding to make an application

Market Potential

Do you have enough potential beneficiaries for your innovation? Do you have data to support this? Is the market data adequate to secure a significant investment? Can you generate profits from this venture?

Freedom to operate

Are you free to operate? Have you conducted an FTO review? Do you have a plan in place to protect and make the most of your intellectual property?


Have you allocated enough time to create the application, review it, and submit it? Are you familiar with what expenses you can request and when you can expect to receive the funding?

Match Funding

How are you going to provide match funding? Have you considered how and when you will drawdown your funding?


Do you believe that your idea is truly unique and innovative? Will it bring about a significant change or just a slight improvement to the current offerings?

Economic Benefits

Looking beyond your sales projections have you considered the wider economic, social and environmental benefits and impacts?

Project Team

Have you assessed whether your team possesses the necessary qualifications to complete the project within the designated budget and timeframe? Additionally, have you explored the possibility of creating a collaborative application?

State Aid Compliant?

Are you an undertaking in difficulty? Do you expect to make profits during the project duration?

At Capti Innovation, we understand that bid writing follows the 80/20 Pareto rule. This means that it takes 20% of your time to deliver an 80% bid, and the remaining 80% of your time to deliver the remaining 20%. To create a good bid, it’s important to follow an iterative process that involves drafting initial responses for fact and content checking. Revisioning then lifts the quality of the response by increasing the content, providing example evidence, and including third-party testimonials to arrive at a final draft. Editing then focuses on readability, page and word limitations, and final sense checking. 

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